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Author: Manouchos Elias
Description: Test your skills on vocabulary in the English Language Level: Junior I
Keywords: English, Vocabulary, , , , , online teaching


1. Number two is for:

2. Number three is for:

3. Number four is for:

4. Number five is for:

5. Number six is for:

6. Read and write the number or the word. (5X2=10marks)

7. 20

8. Thirteen

9. 11

10. Nine

11. 16

12. Part IV: GRAMMAR (40 MARKS) A. Circle the correct answer (10X1=10 marks)

13. There is # apple on the table.
A) a
B) an
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)

14. This is my pen. # pen is red.
A) The
B) A
C) It
D) Answer_4_(optional)

15. Oh no! Look! # fly!
A) The
B) A
C) Some
D) Answer_4_(optional)

16. I # a boy.
A) am
B) is
C) are
D) Answer_4_(optional)

17. My brother # a beautiful cat.
A) has got
B) have got
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)

18. # are animals.
A) This
B) These
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)

19. How # pupils are there in your classroom?
A) many
B) is
C) much
D) Answer_4_(optional)

20. I # sad.
A) are
B) is
C) am
D) Answer_4_(optional)

21. What%27s this. It%27s # pencil
A) an
B) a
C) few
D) Answer_4_(optional)

22. There # one boy in my classroom.
A) is
B) are
C) were
D) Answer_4_(optional)

23. Write the correct sentence. (5X2=10 marks)

24. There is / There are eleven pupils in the classroom.

25. Is there / Are there any nohtebooks on my desk?

26. There isn%27t / There aren%27t a computer at my school.

27. Is there a helicopter? Yes, there is / isn%27t.

28. There%27s / There are a teacher in the classroom.