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Author: Nguyen Linh
Description: First choose the FAMILIARISE to learn the new vocabulary. After you get used to them, go back and click on SOLVE to play the game. The game is Dominoes when you have two side of a dominoe. Try to find the correct definition with the correct word.
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0. approach (n)
1. transform (v)
2. reinvent (v)
3. gifted (adj)
4. motivation (n)
5. evaluate (v)
6. linguist (n)
7. impulse (n)
8. adapt (v)
9. passionate (adj)
10. curriculum (n)
11. lack (v)
12. responsibility (n)
13. resign (v)
14. peaceful (adj)
15. intimidate (v)

0. a way of doing something
1. have natural ability, be extremely talented
2. to get used to with something/ to change so as to fit the situation
3. reason and excitement about doing something
4. something you do because it is your job
5. a person who is good at language or studies language
6. to change something completely
7. not to have enough of something
8. make somebody scared and force them to do something
9. having strong feelings, emotions or beliefs
10. to create something new based on the original
11. calm and quiet without worrying
12. a sudden strong desire to do something
13. consider something and make a judgement
14. a course includes many subjects in a school or college
15. to leave a job voluntarily