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Author: Zimon Nika
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1. There are 12 ________ in a year
A) days
B) months
C) weeks
D) years

2. When%27s your birthday?
A) I kive in Modiin
B) My name is Ben
C) In September
D) I%27m 12 years old

3. hear-
A) שנה
B) שבוע
C) חודש
D) לשמוע

4. When%27s your ______ ?
A) year
B) birtday
C) month
D) hear

5. I can _______ my teacher
A) hear
B) week
C) year
D) birthday

6. How old are you?
A) I%27m in grade 5
B) My name is Ofir
C) I%27m eleven years old
D) I live in Modiin

7. What%27s your name?
A) I%27m in grade 6
B) I live in Modiin
C) I%27m eleven years old
D) My name is Dana