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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Cell Membrane/Plasma Membrane
1. Reproduction
2. Mutation
3. Active Transport
4. Chromosome
5. Parasitism
6. ATP
7. Base
8. Prokaryotic Cell
9. Reactants
10. Selectively Permeable
11. messenger RNA
12. Cellular Respiration
13. Carbohydrates
14. Substrate
15. Ribosomes

0. A producer- a living organism that makes it own food from sun
1. Consists of 2 stages: growth and division
2. Has Uracil Single stranded Contains ribose sugar
3. A consumer- living thing that eats other things
4. Organelle where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell
5. Site of protein synthesis Place in cell where proteins are made
6. A living organism that gets/eats its food
7. boundary controls movement in/out of cell
8. Made up of DNA and protein
9. Getting bigger
10. Found in the nucleus Has Thymine Controls Protein Synthesis
11. Sperm and Egg Contain half the number of chromosomes
12. Substance produced by the body that speeds up reactions
13. The building blocks of proteins
14. made up of a sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen base
15. Getting rid of waste (ex: going to the bathroom, breathing out)