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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Parasitism
1. Gene
2. Products
3. Growth
4. Chloroplast
5. Population
6. Prokaryotic Cell
7. Diffusion
8. DNA
9. Osmosis
10. Cell Membrane/Plasma Membrane
11. Aerobic Respiration
12. Reactants
13. Active Transport
14. Respiration
15. Producer

0. Movement of a substance through a cell membrane
1. A change in the DNA sequence of a gene
2. A consumer- living thing that eats other things
3. Creating offspring
4. Site of protein synthesis Place in cell where proteins are made
5. Refers to a group of one type of living organism
6. made during transcription Carries the genetic code from DNA to ribo
7. Nucleic acid contained in nucleus- genetic information
8. Molecules that give the body quick energy
9. Responding to things around you
10. organisms maintain stable internal environment
11. Movement of molecules from an area of HIGH to low
12. Organelle where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell
13. must be present to start the reaction. (what is NEEDED)
14. living things break down carb and create energy ATP
15. Eating Food