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0. Angle of incidence
1. Bronchi
2. Food chain
3. Mitochondria
4. Conduction
5. Electron
6. Periodic table
7. Sublimation
8. Magnetic field
9. Chlorophyll
10. Hearing range
11. Solution
12. Chemosynthesis
13. Boiling point
14. Prism
15. Diffusion

0. An organelle in a cell responsible for energy production.
1. A range of frequencies heard by an animal.
2. Synthesis of organic compounds creating energy.
3. Either of the two main pipes branching off trachea.
4. A particle that makes up an atom. It is negative.
5. Random movement of molecules within a liquid or a gas.
6. A transparent solid body used to diffract light.
7. A heat transfer between objects caused by temp. difference.
8. Green matter within plants used to create glucose.
9. A series of organisms feeding upon a smaller one.
10. Process of a solid turning into a gas without being a liquid.
11. A table illustrating all known elements.
12. Temp. at which a liquid turns into a gas.
13. Space near the magnet in which mag. force acts on other magnets
14. Two or more gases, liquids or gases mixed with one another.
15. The angle that a ray of light makes when it meets a surface.