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Intro to Functions Vocabulary

Author: Davis Monica
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0. origin
1. function notation
2. output
3. x-coordinate
4. domain
5. range
6. input
7. ordered pair
8. quadrant
9. y-axis
10. linear
11. nonlinear
12. function
13. x-axis
14. coordinate plane
15. y-coordinate

0. the four parts created by the crossing of the x and y axis
1. each x value is paired with exactly one y value
2. the second number in an ordered pair
3. the x values of the ordered pairs
4. when graphed it makes a line
5. when graphed it will not make a line
6. a grid created by using a vertical and horizontal number line
7. the vertical number line on the coordinate plane
8. the first number in an ordered pair
9. the horizontal number line on the coordinate plane
10. f(x) read as f of x
11. the resulting values from plugging in the x
12. the values that go into the function which are x values
13. the place where the x and y axis meet
14. a group of two values that are used to locate points
15. the y values of the ordered pair