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Intro to Functions Vocabulary

Author: Davis Monica
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0. nonlinear
1. origin
2. domain
3. range
4. linear
5. y-coordinate
6. x-coordinate
7. ordered pair
8. input
9. x-axis
10. function notation
11. quadrant
12. y-axis
13. output
14. coordinate plane
15. function

0. when graphed it makes a line
1. the vertical number line on the coordinate plane
2. the four parts created by the crossing of the x and y axis
3. the values that go into the function which are x values
4. when graphed it will not make a line
5. the place where the x and y axis meet
6. the second number in an ordered pair
7. f(x) read as f of x
8. the horizontal number line on the coordinate plane
9. a grid created by using a vertical and horizontal number line
10. the first number in an ordered pair
11. the resulting values from plugging in the x
12. a group of two values that are used to locate points
13. the y values of the ordered pair
14. each x value is paired with exactly one y value
15. the x values of the ordered pairs