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Vocabualry Blaster

Author: Phipps Gary
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1. If you are gullible, you:
A) are easily cheated
B) have a noisy laugh like a gull
C) are extremely greedy

2. If a book is arcane, it is:
A) boring
B) about architecture
C) mysterious and obscure

3. If you are vindictive, you:
A) want to win every argument
B) talk non stop
C) want revenge

4. A leveret is a:
A) young hare
B) very small lever
C) lever arch file

5. If an idea is germane, it is:
A) from Germany
B) relevant
C) about germ theory

6. An escalope is:
A) a thin piece of breadcrumbed meat
B) an evergreen shrub from South america
C) a wild and crazy adventure

7. A soporific film would
A) be all about American college students
B) make you sleepy
C) scare you out of your wits