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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Protein Synthesis
1. Diffusion
2. Replicate
3. Prokaryotic Cell
4. Excretion
5. Transcription
6. Cellular Respiration
7. Osmosis
8. Anaerobic
9. Lipids
10. Chloroplast
11. Cell Wall
12. RNA
13. Nucleus
14. Cell Cycle
15. Mitochondria

0. Sperm and Egg Contain half the number of chromosomes
1. must be present to start the reaction. (what is NEEDED)
2. Nucleic acid contained in nucleus- genetic information
3. Process that makes mRNA Takes place in the nucleus
4. Process of making a protein Happens at ribosomes
5. The exchange of gases (ex. breathing in and out)
6. The middle part of the DNA that pairs up (there are 4 of these)
7. Diffusion of WATER through semipermeable membrane
8. Organelle where respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell.
9. Cells that contain a nucleus and membrane bound organelles
10. Getting rid of waste (ex: going to the bathroom, breathing out)
11. To make a copy
12. The living parts of the environment
13. A consumer- living thing that eats other things
14. The building blocks of proteins
15. Has Uracil Single stranded Contains ribose sugar