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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Consumer
1. transfer RNA
2. RNA
3. Abiotic
4. Products
5. Ribosome (rRNA)
6. Replicate
7. Protein Synthesis
8. Excretion
9. Lipids
10. Transcription
11. Carbohydrates
12. messenger RNA
13. Mitochondria
14. Active Transport
15. Respiration

0. Process of making a protein Happens at ribosomes
1. Energy that is produced through respiration
2. To make a copy
3. Found in the nucleus Has Thymine Controls Protein Synthesis
4. A living organism that makes its own food
5. Creating offspring
6. Two parents make a new offspring. Each give 1/2 genetic material
7. the reactants are changed into the products. (what is PRODUCED)
8. Has Uracil Single stranded Contains ribose sugar
9. living things break down carb and create energy ATP
10. Refers to a group of one type of living organism
11. The middle part of the DNA that pairs up (there are 4 of these)
12. Organelle that is responsible for storage in a eukaryotic cell.
13. Process of making proteins Happens at the ribosome
14. Nucleic acid contained in nucleus- genetic information
15. organisms maintain stable internal environment