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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Mutualism
1. Parasitism
2. Ribosomes
3. Excretion
4. Aerobic Respiration
5. Chromosome
6. Passive Transport
7. Translation
8. Reproduction
9. Enzymes
10. Base
11. Decomposer
12. Carbohydrates
13. Consumer
14. Eukaryotic Cell
15. Cell Wall

0. Has Uracil Single stranded Contains ribose sugar
1. the protective, outer layer of a plant cell
2. Process of making proteins Happens at the ribosome
3. the reactants are changed into the products. (what is PRODUCED)
4. Organelle that is responsible for storage in a eukaryotic cell.
5. Relationship where both organisms benefit
6. Getting bigger
7. Substance produced by the body that speeds up reactions
8. A producer- a living organism that makes it own food from sun
9. property of cell membrane allows some susbtances pass
10. Organelle that houses DNA in eukaryotic cell
11. One organism benefits while the other is harmed
12. Movement of molecules from an area of HIGH to low
13. process in cells where ATP is made/produced WITH oxygen
14. The exchange of gases (ex. breathing in and out)
15. molecules made of amino acids- make tissue in body