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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Osmosis
1. Enzymes
2. DNA
3. Respiration
4. Gene
5. Gametes
6. Producer
7. Proteins
8. transfer RNA
9. Parasitism
10. DNA
11. Mutualism
12. Anaerobic
13. Consumer
14. Heterotroph
15. messenger RNA

0. bring amino acids to the ribosome are used during translation to make proteins
1. made up of a sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen base
2. property of cell membrane allows some susbtances pass
3. Movement of substnace through cell- energy need
4. process in cells where ATP is made/produced WITH oxygen
5. Cells that contain a nucleus and membrane bound organelles
6. sections of DNA that carry the specific traits
7. living things break down carb and create energy ATP
8. Living organism that breaks down waste and returns nutrients
9. Molecules that give the body quick energy
10. Eating Food
11. Energy that is produced through respiration
12. Two parents make a new offspring. Each give 1/2 genetic material
13. Consists of 2 stages: growth and division
14. The exchange of gases (ex. breathing in and out)
15. Organelle that absorbs sunlight and then uses the light energy