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Units 1-8 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Biotic
1. Prokaryotic Cell
2. Eukaryotic Cell
3. Cell Wall
4. Protein Synthesis
5. Population
6. Transcription
7. Lipids
8. Homeostasis
9. DNA
10. messenger RNA
11. Cellular Respiration
12. Mitochondria
13. Carbohydrates
14. ATP
15. Base

0. Refers to a group of one type of living organism
1. organisms maintain stable internal environment
2. Movement of substnace through cell- energy need
3. made up of a sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen base
4. Movement of molecules from an area of HIGH to low
5. process in cells where ATP is made/produced WITH oxygen
6. sections of DNA that carry the specific traits
7. substance on which an enzyme acts
8. Plants use H2O and CO2 to produce carbohydrates
9. oxygen is not present- produces less ATP
10. To make a copy
11. Organelle that is responsible for storage in a eukaryotic cell.
12. Getting rid of waste (ex: going to the bathroom, breathing out)
13. Process that makes mRNA Takes place in the nucleus
14. The living parts of the environment
15. Two parents make a new offspring. Each give 1/2 genetic material