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Visual Basic Quiz 3

Author: Ocampo Regie
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0. The function that is used to test a logical condition
1. To close frmMain
2. What property of an object is used to display a picture
3. All controls have this property
4. The value of Backstyle property to set it Opaque
5. The property of a form to set its title
6. The command to end a program
7. To remove the text on lblsample
8. The event that is triggered at a user click
9. The event that is triggered in moving the mouse pointer
10. The property of Image box to manage the picture size
11. The method to call a form
12. The terminator of a VB procedure
13. The value of Backstyle property to set it to transparent
14. The reserved word used to refer to the form itself
15. The command to display a picture to an object

0. End Sub
1. Show
2. 0
3. Name
4. Me
5. Picture
6. Click
7. lblsample.caption = %22%22
8. Caption
9. Unload FrmMain
10. End
11. 1
12. Mousemove
13. IF
14. Stretch
15. LoadPicture