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Punctuation: End Marks TWO

Author: Van Norman Angelica
Description: Which end mark belongs at the end of these sentences? Move each sentence into the drop box of the end mark that the sentence requires. Example: Where did the dog go **This is a question and it should end with a question mark.** It would be dragged and dropped into the Question Mark box.
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1. Period (.)
2. Question Mark (?)
3. Exclamation Point (!)
4. group_name4

0. Do you think it will rain tomorrow
1. It is important to finish your homework
2. What is your favorite day of the week
3. I am so excited to see you
4. I am having a great day
5. Run for your life
6. HIstory is my favorite subject
7. What is Jeremy%27s middle name
8. Mara went home after lunch
9. Hurry up, we%27re late
10. She carried the books down the stairs
11. Watch out for the car
12. Did you see Connor today
13. We finished our homework in class
14. Hooray, my team won the game
15. The football fell out of his hands