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Punctuation: End Marks THREE

Author: Van Norman Angelica
Description: Which end mark belongs at the end of these sentences? Move each sentence into the drop box of the end mark that the sentence requires. Example: Where did the dog go **This is a question and it should end with a question mark.** It would be dragged and dropped into the Question Mark box.
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1. Period (.)
2. Question Mark (?)
3. Exclamation Point (!)
4. group_name4

0. Do you know which plant is closest to the Earth
1. What a struggle this has been
2. Bring the newspaper with you
3. Are you staying after school, or are you going home
4. What a strange picture this is
5. Of all the stories, which one did you like best
6. One artlce outlines the plans for the amusement park
7. If you look carefully, you will see Mars
8. Have you read the newspaper today
9. If you arrive at the meeting early, sign up to speak
10. Earth is the third planet from the sun
11. I was surprised to find so many interesting articles
12. Please ask Carol to bring scissors and glue with her
13. There is no way this is going to work out
14. Do you think we will need any more supplies
15. Watch out for the snow and ice on the road
16. There is not enough money in the budget
17. Is an amusement park going to improve the economy
18. We usually order out for food, but we are not today
19. I was wondering if you knew which planet was red