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Punctuation: End Marks ONE

Author: Van Norman Angelica
Description: Which end mark belongs at the end of these sentences? Move each sentence into the drop box of the end mark that the sentence requires. Example: Where did the dog go **This is a question and it should end with a question mark.** It would be dragged and dropped into the Question Mark box.
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1. Exclamation Point (!)
2. Period (.)
3. Question Mark (?)
4. group_name4

0. I%22m so excited to see my family for my birthday
1. Where is an exciting place to visit
2. Make sure to complete your homework
3. When are we going on vacation
4. Terry and Sam went to the movies together
5. What an incredible event
6. What day of the week is your favorite
7. Please take out the trash when you get home
8. My favorite team won the game
9. I had a great time at your party
10. Please hand me your backpack
11. Do you know what time it is
12. I had a crazy day at school
13. What did you want to eat for lunch
14. We got lost on the way to the store
15. You wouldn%27t believe the traffic on the highway
16. There are three tacos waiting in the refrigerator
17. I want to make brownies for dessert
18. I am wondering if there is a pattern to follow
19. Where do I find the location of the treasure