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Learn about United States Merchant Marine Academy

Author: shih nengwei
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1. What is the student teacher ratio at USMMA?
A) 20:1
B) 12:1
C) 8:1
D) 4:1

2. Where is USMMA?
A) Amarillio, TX
B) Madison, WI
C) Omaha, NE
D) King Point, Long Island, NY

3. What curriculua are available at USMMA?
A) Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering (ME), ME Systems
B) ME %26 Shipyard Management
C) Marine Ops %26 Tech, Logistics %26 Intermodal Transportation
D) All of the above

4. USMMA is operated by the Maritime Administration of what U.S. department?
A) Dept of Transportation
B) Department of Commerce
C) Department of Defense
D) Department of Wildlife and Fishery

5. What is the motto of USMMA?
A) Carpe Diem
B) Sempre Fi
C) Acta Non Verba
D) E Pluribus Unum

6. What is a USMMA student called (men or women)?
A) Marine-in-training
B) Midshipmen
C) Merchant Cadets
D) Squids

7. The education %26 training @ USMMA is in compliance with SCTW, which stands for:
A) Standards of Training, Certification %26 Watchkeeping
B) Students Changing the World
C) Statistical Computation Theories Workshop
D) Salty Crunchy Tasty Wafers

8. First year (fourth class) Freshman are also called:
A) Abecedarian
B) Plebe
C) Novice
D) Recruit

9. What is the name of the first nuclear powered merchant ship?
A) Keylargo
B) Atlantis
C) Georgia
D) Savannah