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Match upgrading pairs

Author: Hidalgo-Machirant Gloria
Description: Match the simplistic phrases with their corresponding upgrade
Keywords: vocabulary, c1, advanced, english, language, , online teaching

0. Find it difficult to survive
1. People eat too much and so there are a lot of fat people
2. LInda learnt everything related to her job
3. A lot of people have wrong ideas
4. Some old civil servant do not like computers
5. The newspapers do not know...
6. If I do that I might get a job there later on
7. When he left me I was very sad
8. I%27ve never seen so many people at a concert
9. His last book is his best book
10. They think the treasure is from the 13th century
11. a lot of help from other countries
12. I need to improve my French
13. The bank didn%27t want to give me the loan
14. They convince me to do it
15. Full of emotion

0. The concert attracted a record-breaking attendance
1. humanitarian aid pouring into the country from abroad
2. Press speculation...
3. infused with emotion
4. Linda received comprehensive training
5. Obesity problems stem from overeating
6. The treasure is thought to date back to the ...
7. It might mean getting my foot in the door
8. I was deeply hurt (heart-broken) when we split up
9. My French needs brushing up
10. Misconceptions are widely spread
11. They talked me into it
12. My application for a bank loan was turned down
13. His last book is exceptionally thrilling
14. Senior civil servants are very mistrustful of computers
15. struggle to survive