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Units 1-7 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Consumer
1. Cell Membrane/Plasma Membrane
2. Replicate
3. Osmosis
4. Anaerobic
5. Nucleus
6. Photosynthesis
7. Sensitivity
8. Nucleotide
9. Decomposer
10. Mitochondria
11. Selectively Permeable
12. Amino Acids
13. Chloroplast
14. Growth
15. Respiration

0. the reactants are changed into the products. (what is PRODUCED)
1. Living organism that breaks down waste and returns nutrients
2. sections of DNA that carry the specific traits
3. Molecules that give the body quick energy
4. molecules made of amino acids- make tissue in body
5. Movement of a substance through a cell membrane
6. The non-living parts of the environment
7. A producer- a living organism that makes it own food from sun
8. The organelle where cellular respiration takes place.
9. oxygen is not present- produces less ATP
10. Made up of DNA and protein
11. Organelle where protein synthesis takes place in eukaryotic cells.
12. must be present to start the reaction. (what is NEEDED)
13. Plants use H2O and CO2 to produce carbohydrates
14. The building blocks of proteins
15. Cells that contain a nucleus and membrane bound organelles