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Units 1-7 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Growth
1. Enzymes
2. Cellular Respiration
3. Aerobic Respiration
4. Chloroplast
5. Lipids
6. Replicate
7. Autotroph
8. Mitochondria
9. Nutrition
10. Decomposer
11. Mutualism
12. Abiotic
13. Active Transport
14. Biotic
15. Eukaryotic Cell

0. Made up of DNA and protein
1. Organelle where respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell.
2. living things break down carb and create energy ATP
3. Nucleic acid contained in nucleus- genetic information
4. boundary controls movement in/out of cell
5. made up of a sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen base
6. Getting bigger
7. Eating Food
8. Getting rid of waste (ex: going to the bathroom, breathing out)
9. process in cells where ATP is made/produced WITH oxygen
10. One organism benefits while the other is harmed
11. molecules made of amino acids- make tissue in body
12. Energy that is produced through respiration
13. The organelle where cellular respiration takes place.
14. A living organism that makes its own food
15. Refers to a group of one type of living organism