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Units 1-7 Vocab Review

Author: Fox Amanda
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0. Lipids
1. Nucleus
2. Base
3. ATP
4. Replicate
5. DNA
6. Chromosome
7. Eukaryotic Cell
8. Selectively Permeable
9. Heterotroph
10. Passive Transport
11. Cell Membrane/Plasma Membrane
12. Homeostasis
13. Producer
14. Respiration
15. Excretion

0. Getting bigger
1. sections of DNA that carry the specific traits
2. Organelle where respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell.
3. One organism benefits while the other is harmed
4. Diffusion of WATER through semipermeable membrane
5. Organelle that absorbs sunlight and then uses the light energy
6. Organelle where protein synthesis takes place in eukaryotic cells.
7. oxygen is not present- produces less ATP
8. Refers to a group of one type of living organism
9. Eating Food
10. Organelle that is responsible for storage in a eukaryotic cell.
11. property of cell membrane allows some susbtances pass
12. A living organism that gets/eats its food
13. A living organism that makes its own food
14. Cells that contain a nucleus and membrane bound organelles
15. The living parts of the environment