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Author: Marcus Mandi
Description: Connect the Goal with the Learning Objective
Keywords: Big Idea, Goal, Objective, Bloom%27s Taxonomy, , , online teaching

0. explaining, interpreting,classifying, summarizing
1. The effects of disease on a population
2. An integrated curriculum unit on personal health %26 nutrition.
3. LWBAT examine the effects of nutrition
4. implementing, using, executing, carrying out
5. An integrated curriculum unit on tobacco and smoking.
6. LWBAT explore the benefits of cycling
7. checking, experimenting, critiquing, hypothesizing
8. LBAT list three effects of AIDS given a patient interview
9. LWBAT use a calorie chart to calculate BMI
10. LBAT create 1 persuasive tobacco advertisement
11. LBAT will understand the effect of AIDS/HIV
12. LWBAT write a persuasive essay for/against bus service
13. comparing, organizing, interrogating, finding
14. desigining, constructing, planning, inventing
15. Thinking beyond the car as a means of transportation

0. Goal
1. Bloom%27s Taxonomy: Analysing
2. Bloom%27s Taxonomy: Remembering
3. Objective
4. Bloom%27s Taxonomy: Creating
5. Goal
6. Goal
7. Big Idea
8. Bloom%27s Taxonomy: Applying
9. Goal
10. Bloom%27s Taxonomy: Understanding
11. Objective
12. Objective
13. Big Idea
14. Objective
15. Big Idea