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Author: Taylor Catherine
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0. Antagonist
1. Point of View
2. Symbol
3. Mood
4. Direct Characterization
5. Exposition
6. Falling Action
7. Foreshadowing
8. Climax
9. Indirect Characterization
10. Dynamic
11. Flashback
12. Dialogue
13. First Person
14. Protagonist
15. Internal Conflict

0. a circumstance that complicates something; a difficulty
1. question answered; problem solved; most exciting point
2. a writing that tells a story or a personal experience
3. struggle in character’s mind - needs, desires, emotions; character vs. self
4. the author directly tells you what a character’s personality is like
5. last part of the story; loose ends of the plot are tied up; the story is closed
6. time and place in which the events of a work of literature take place
7. the process of revealing the personality of a character in a story
8. attitude a writer takes toward the audience, subject, or a character
9. events leading up to the climax; where the conflicts are developed
10. the intended reader of a literary work
11. dcharacter who does not change much in the course of work
12. a conversation between two or more characters
13. the events that immediately follow the climax
14. main character in a story, novel, drama, or other literary work
15. person telling a story or a poem; narrative can be fiction or nonfiction