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Unit 4 vocabulary

Author: Whittaker Matthew
Keywords: depression, prohibition, vocab, , , , online teaching

0. unemployed
1. bootlegger
2. flappers
3. jazz
4. suburbs
5. Prohibition
6. depression
7. prosperity
8. efficiency
9. overspeculation
10. overproduction
11. migrant
12. speakeasy
13. transatlantic
14. fads
15. renaissance

0. person who smuggled liquor in the US during Prohibition
1. passengers, cargo or information that crosses the Atlantic Ocean
2. a rapid growth in cultural areas like art, music, literature and philosophy
3. period when economy is strong with low unemployment
4. producing more things than people are able to buy
5. American music originating in African American communities in 20th century
6. illegal bar or club that sold liquor during Prohibition
7. period of hard economic times with high unemployment
8. style or fashion that becomes popular for a short time
9. nickname for young women in the 1920%27s who rebelled agianst normal society
10. person who does not have a job and is unable to find one
11. areas outside of large cities to escape crowds, congestion of cities.
12. businesses providing goods using the least amount of resources
13. person who moves from place to place usually to find work
14. buying on credit with only a small portion of the price as a down payment
15. period when alcohol was illegal in the US (18th Amendment)