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Unit 4 Vocab revision

Author: Grammarnazi Tatiana
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0. I know someone who is doing a rigorous
1. Over the last few years I’ve steadily put
2. I don’t agree with alternative medicine. It is
3. I think a lot of new diets do more harm
4. I have a great personal
5. Seeing people live n poverty helps to give you a sense
6. I’d like to do weight training to tone
7. I don’t mind exercise but I find it difficult to keep it
8. If you want to succeed in smth, the 1st step is to believe
9. I used to be shy, but learning a new skill helped me to develop
10. All food packing must include nutritional
11. Travel is the best way to broaden
12. I use a great fitness
13. I think yoga and t’ai chi suit some people
14. I like doing exercise which tests my
15. I think that maintaining your mental

0. well-being is as important as the physical side.
1. your horizons.
2. purely psychological - it doesn%27t actually work.
3. endurance, like long-distance running.
4. app on my mobile. It helps me set and reach goals.
5. trainer who helps me when I work out.
6. on weight.
7. than good.
8. my self-esteem.
9. more than others.
10. up for longer than a couple of weeks.
11. up my muscles.
12. training to prepare for running a marathon.
13. in yourself. If you don’t, nobody else will.
14. information – it’s the law.
15. of perspective about your own problems.