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Unit 3 vocab

Author: Whittaker Tracy
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0. neutral
1. alliances
2. draft
3. expansion
4. annex
5. reparations
6. allied powers
7. propaganda
8. empire
9. yellow journalism
10. pacifist
11. militarism
12. nationalism
13. armistice
14. isolationism
15. front

0. a law requiring men to register to serve in the military
1. choosing not to fight on either side of a war or conflict
2. spreading of ideas that help or hurt a cause or idea
3. senstional style of reporting
4. person who refuses to fight for moral reasons
5. two or more countries agree to defend each other
6. nations that fought Germany in WWI (USA, Britain, France)
7. payments for losses suffered during a war or conflict
8. one nation%27s wealth and territory grow larger
9. to add on to a countries holdings
10. policy of wanting little to do with foreign countries
11. agreement between countries to stop fighting
12. pride in or devotion to one%27s country
13. area where enemy combatants are close
14. when one country controls other countries around the world
15. policy of building up a strong military