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Unit 2 Vocabulary

Author: White Tiffany
Description: Find the correct definition that goes with the correct vocabulary word.
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0. Income
1. Earnings statement
2. FICA- Federal Insurance Contributions Act
3. Piecework
4. Deductions
5. Production rate
6. State Income Tax
7. Paycheck
8. Minimum wage
9. Job Related Expenses
10. Overtime pay
11. Hourly Wage
12. Piece rate
13. Net Pay
14. Overtime
15. Pay period

0. is $7.25 an hour(For 2012)
1. Money subtracted from gross pay
2. The amount required by law for employers to withhold from earned wages
3. pay for work in a work week at least one and one-half times the regular rate
4. the amount of money earned during a pay period before deductions
5. the number actions completed in a given amount of time
6. federal tax that funds Social Security and Medicare
7. amount of money left after all the deductions have been taken from the gross pay
8. the “paycheck stub” listing gross pay and deductions
9. the amount of time a person works beyond 40 hours in a work week
10. money you earn from a job or get by another source over a period of time
11. a person’s scheduled hours of work
12. A form of payment to an employee
13. the amount of money you earn per hour worked
14. the worker is paid a fixed rate for each item produced
15. income deducted from a person’s paycheck by the state government