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Unit 28 Responsive Design

Author: Maher Mohammed
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1. WYSIWYG stands for ?
A) What You See Is What You Gain
B) What You See Is What You Get
C) When You Start Is When You Go
D) None

2. Which one is correct?
A) %3cbody%3e
B) %3c@body%3e
C) #body#
D) %3cbody/%3e

3. which one is correct
A) background: black;
B) blackground;black
C) background%3eblack
D) background::black;

4. Which tag does not show on the page
A) head
B) p
C) body
D) footer

5. Where do we insert the h1 tag
A) body
B) head
C) html
D) p

6. what comes before the head tag
A) html
B) body
C) div
D) footer

7. which program do you need to program in html and css
A) any text editor
B) brackets
C) visual studio
D) dreamweaver

8. which are two essential html tags
A) head and body
B) body and footer
C) footer and header
D) div and paragraphs

9. Which tag does not belong in the body
A) p
B) h1, h2, h3
C) div
D) meta

10. what does it mean by xhtml?
A) Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
B) Extensive Hypertext Markup Language
C) Exclusion Hypertext Markup Language
D) Expensive HyperText Markup Language