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Unit 2 Review

Author: Torquato Rose
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0. iris
1. sebum
2. fluoride
3. orthodontia
4. optic nerve
5. auditory nerve
6. astigmatism
7. gingivitis
8. farsighted
9. plaque
10. SPF
11. pupil
12. decibel
13. ultraviolet rays
14. cornea
15. nearsighted

0. able to see things nearby, but far away things are blurry
1. blurry vision caused by an unevenly curved cornea or lens
2. controls that amount of light that enters the eye
3. straightening crooked teeth
4. sun protection factor
5. a unit used to measure the loudness of sound
6. carries messages from the eye to the brain
7. a mineral that can help protect teeth
8. oil released by the oil (sebacious) gland
9. gum disease
10. the part of the skin that contains the root of a hair
11. carries signals to the brain to be interpreted as sound
12. able to see things far away, but things nearby are blurry
13. clear covering that protects the eye
14. invisible energy waves given off by the sun
15. gland that releases sebum and opens into a hair follicle