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Math Quiz

Author: shickora kristen
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0. square
1. geometry
2. right triangle
3. octagon
4. rectangle
5. hexagon
6. trapezoid
7. cone
8. polygon
9. circle
10. prism
11. triangle
12. formula
13. freebie!
14. angle
15. quadrilateral

0. a polyhedron with two polygonal face
1. a polygon having three sides
2. study of shapes
3. a parallelogram all of whose angles are right angles
4. this one is easy
5. a polygon of eight angles and eight side
6. a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
7. two lines extending from the same point
8. a general rule to calculate
9. a rectangle with all four sides equal
10. a quadrilateral having only two sides parallel
11. the plane surface bounded by such a curve
12. a polygon of four sides
13. generated by rotating a right triangle about one of its legs
14. a polygon of six angles and six sides
15. a triangle having a right angle