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Case Based Scenario : Area of Computer Applications

Author: Pullicino Ms
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0. Ms White can keep the Head%27s correspondance in
1. Ms White can organise appointments bye
2. Mr York collaborates with
3. Mr York suggests
4. Mr York works in the
5. Ms White has a job in the area of
6. Mr York, as a scientists is
7. Ms White do school newsletter in
8. Ms White can keep students records in
9. Mr York can design new innovations by
10. Mr York monitors
11. Mr York suggest new innovations by
12. Ms White can type the documents in
13. Mr York reads journals
14. Ms White can keep the expenditure of the school in
15. Ms White can do a presentation of the school on a

0. organizer %26 scheduler application (e.g. Google Calendar)
1. innovations ideas for the coming car models
2. CAD - Computer Aided Design
3. Publisher
4. other scientists
5. working in a part of the car industrial process
6. CAM -Computer Aided Manufactures
7. cars robotics
8. E-mail application such as Outlook
9. Book Keeping application
10. Word processor
11. for new innovations in the car industry
12. presentation application software
13. Database
14. industry in the computer process control
15. Office automation computer applications