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U4 Kakunin Test

Author: Dorman Daniel
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1. Choose the correct time: 5:10
A) ten past five
B) ten to five
C) five to ten
D) five past ten

2. 11:30
A) half past eleven
B) half past ten
C) ten thirteen
D) eleven thirteen

3. 1:05
A) one five
B) five to one
C) one oh five
D) five oh one

4. What time do you (____ ___ _____)?
A) take the train
B) take a train
C) taking a train
D) taking the tran

5. What (____ ___ ____)?
A) time is it
B) time do you
C) is the clock
D) are the time

6. I take the train ( ) 6:58.
A) at
B) in
C) on
D) of

7. I take the train at 4:30 in the morning.
A) That%27s early!
B) Fried chicken!
C) I like apples!
D) Banana cake!

8. Write the time in English: 5:00

9. Write the time in English: 6:20