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Unit 4 Lesson 2 Vocabulary Review

Description: You can review the terms by choosing %22Familiarize%22 or you can practice lining up terms and definitions by choosing %22Solve.%22 Good Luck!!
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0. Why do we tip?
1. need
2. rule for converting a percentage to a decimal
3. currency
4. retail purchase
5. want
6. gratuity
7. sales tax
8. tip
9. vending machine purchase
10. payment options
11. common tip percentages
12. Where do you tip?
13. electronic purchase
14. types of restaurants
15. types of %22cash%22

0. currency,checks, debit cards
1. 10%25, 15%25, 20%25
2. cash or credit
3. coins and bills
4. to thank the wait staff for good service
5. something that you would like to have but could like without
6. fast food casual dining fine dining
7. move the decimal two places to the left
8. a sum of money that customers give to the wait staff
9. another name for %22gratuity%22
10. an in-person, quick purchase made from a machine
11. something you must have in order to live
12. casual and fine dining restaurants
13. an online purchase made on a computer or mobile device
14. an extra fee that consumers must pay on purchases
15. an in-person purchase made at a store