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Types of Software Vocab

Author: Cunningham Melissa
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0. Software
1. Language Translators
2. Windows
3. Microsoft Access
4. Application Software
5. Microsoft Excel
6. System Software
7. Microsoft PowerPoint
8. Application Software
9. Linux
10. Mobile Apps
11. Mobile Applications
12. Desktop Applications
13. Mac OS X
14. DOS
15. Utility Software

0. Operating System that comes preloaded on Macintosh computers
1. Software programs designed for smart phones or tablets
2. Creates databases of info that can be searched %26 queried
3. Software that helps you perform specific tasks
4. Intangible set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
5. Gives you permission to use the program
6. Creates slideshow presentations through special effects
7. Creates text documents
8. A group of programs that coordinate/control a computer%27s resources
9. System software that performs tasks to maintain a computer%27s resources
10. Arranges numerical data in rows %26 columns
11. The first widely-installed operating system for personal computers
12. A Free %26 Open-Source Operating System that can be modified
13. Software programs designed for smart phones or tablets
14. Operating system that comes preloaded on most PC computers
15. Also called productivity software; helps you perform specific tasks