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Relationships (verbs)

Author: Błaszczyk Ewelina
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1. We%27re getting ... very well!
A) off
B) on
C) together
D) each other

2. Mark and Jenny went ... tonight.
A) of
B) to
C) up
D) out

3. I%27ve seen him with your best friend! He%27s cheating ... you!
A) on
B) to
C) with
D) after

4. Why are you so sad? - I%27ve had an ... with my boyfriend.
A) quarrel
B) date
C) argument
D) cheat

5. She%27s not worth you! ... up with her!
A) Cheat
B) Go
C) Love
D) Split

6. She%27s beautiful. I ... in love with her!
A) fell
B) split
C) cheat
D) get