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Simple present in future time clauses

Author: Candido Ivonne
Description: Complete each gap using the simple present or will and the verb in parentheses
Keywords: travel , simple present , , , , , online teaching


1. Before I ___________ (go) to Peru, I ________ (buy) a tourist map.
A) will go
B) go
C) will buy
D) buy

2. The manager ________ (greet) you when you ________ (arrive) at the hotel.
A) will greet
B) arrive
C) greet
D) will arrive

3. If you ________ (speak) the local language, people ________ (be) more helpful.
A) be
B) speak
C) will speak
D) will be

4. After we ________ (get on) the plane, we _______ (watch) as many movies as we can!
A) get on
B) watch
C) will get on
D) will watch

5. As soon as I _______ (get) home, I __________ (start) packing.
A) get
B) will start
C) will get
D) start

6. We _________ (collect) shells for souvenirs when we __________ (go) to the beach.
A) will go
B) collect
C) will collect
D) go