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Author: Uden Andrew
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0. Drill press
1. Dividers
2. Steel Rule
3. Try-square
4. Warrington Hammer
5. Tenon Saw
6. Jack Plane
7. Marking Gauge
8. Nail Punch
9. Mallet
10. Bench Hook
11. Claw hammer
12. Pincers
13. Coping Saw
14. Chisel
15. Disc Sander

0. Used to drill holes in timber.
1. Used to measure lengths and draw staright lines.
2. Used for striking chisels.
3. Used to mark right angles and check for square.
4. Used for nailing and striking nail punches.
5. Used to punch nailheads below surface
6. Used to remove waste timber.
7. Used to hold timber whilst sawing.
8. Used for striking nails, punches and for removing nails.
9. Used to mark parallel lines.
10. Used to create a flat surface.
11. Used to sand timber to the marked lines.
12. Used to mark circles.
13. Used to remove nails.
14. Used for general sawing.
15. Used to cut shapes and curves.