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Cities in Medieval Europe 2

Author: bernal elizabeth
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0. canvas
1. beg
2. transept
3. chest
4. rose window
5. masterpiece
6. Money changer
7. stained glass
8. pinacle
9. ribbed vault
10. pave
11. court
12. faculty
13. optics
14. minstrel
15. flying butress

0. large wooden box for storing
1. work of art behind above altar sculptures and paintings
2. material for paintingon, normally cotton or linen
3. cover ground with flat stones or bricks
4. ask for money
5. subdivision of
6. coloured glass in a lead framework used in churches
7. circular window usually stained glass to form a rose shape
8. part of church that crosses the nave at right angles
9. medieval singer or musician who sang or recited poetry to music
10. vault formed by intersecion of two pointed arches
11. people who accompanied the king or noble and his family
12. scientific study of phonomena related to light
13. arch that carries the pressure from a vault to the butress
14. person changed coins from one region or country for another
15. long pointed piece decorated on top to stabize it