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The Passive Voice

Author: Abdullatipova Patimat
Description: Complete the sentences using the passive
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1. The roof of the building # in a storm a few days ago. (damage)
A) was damaged

2. It%27s a big factory. Five hundred people # there. (employ)
A) are employed

3. Most of the Earth%27s surface # by water. (cover)
A) is covered

4. The gates # every evening at 6.30 p.m. (lock)
A) are locked

5. The letter # a week ago. (post)
A) was posted

6. While I was on holiday, my camera # from my hotel room. (steal)
A) was stolen

7. The company is not independent. It # by a much larger company. (own)
A) is owned

8. All the flights # because of the fog. (cancel)
A) were cancelled

9. Last week I # of stealing money. (accuse)
A) was accused

10. This road # very often. (not/use)
A) is not used

11. We # up by a loud noise during the night. (wake)
A) were woken