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Author: De Serra Alessandra
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1. what is the bar most expencive in Ravenna?
A) Tazza d%27Oro
B) La Rotonda
C) Caffè Italia
D) Ermanno%27s bar

2. where can you buy a beautiful leather jacket?
A) Terranova
B) Scout
C) Jade
D) Punto Pelle

3. where do you go if you want to eat well in a centre restaurant?
A) Bella Venezia
B) Naturalmente Burger
C) Mariani
D) Ali Kebab

4. where do you go if you want to go in the beach most beautiful and chic place in the Romagna Riviera?
A) Obelix
B) Zanzibar
C) Coco Loco
D) Papete Beach

5. where do you go if you want to spend your holidays visiting monuments and going to the beach?
A) Bologna
B) Ravenna and surrounding area
C) Parma
D) Modena

6. where do you go to buy a pair of golden goose for men?
A) Jade
B) Pimkie
C) Black
D) Terranova

7. where you go to buy some clothes onlyfor women?
A) Fango
B) Effero
C) Tezenis
D) Zara

8. What do you do if you fancy a coffee and you%27re in the center of Milano Marittima?
A) Go to the your hotel
B) Go to the ice-cream shop
C) Go to the beach
D) Go to the Rotonda%27s bar

9. What is the best project?
A) Our
B) Our
C) Our
D) Our