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TESTon Signed Numbers and Polynomial Perimeters

Author: Mauldin Thomas
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1. -6%2b(-5)-8
A) -19
B) -3
C) -9
D) -11

2. -7%2b9-5
A) 3
B) -21
C) -7
D) -3

3. What is the sum of 2x%2b7 and -7x-4?
A) 9x%2b11
B) -5x%2b3
C) -5x-3
D) 9x-11

4. If the perimeter of a rectangle is 18x%2b24, and its length is 3x%2b6, what is the width of the rectangle?
A) 6x%2b6
B) 15x%2b18
C) 12x%2b12
D) 21x%2b30

5. If the perimeter of a triangle is 15x-7, and two of the sides are 4x%2b8 and 3x-2, what is the length of the third side?
A) 22x-1
B) 5x%2b5
C) 16x%2b1
D) 8x-13

6. What is the value of (x-8) subtracted from (3x%2b9)?
A) 2x%2b17
B) -2x-17
C) -2x%2b1
D) 2x%2b1

7. Find the sum of (3x%2b5), (-2x%2b6), and (-7x-4).
A) -2x%2b15
B) -6x%2b7
C) 12x%2b15
D) -12x%2b7

8. -21%2b17
A) 4
B) -38
C) -5
D) -4

9. -16%2b9-(-3)
A) -4
B) 10
C) 4
D) -10