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Term Variety - Jeffersonian Era - Unit Four - Matching

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Please complete activity until earning 100%25 at least once.
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0. James Fenimore Cooper
1. squatters
2. Washington Proclamation (Native Americans)
3. death of Federalist Party
4. midwives who practiced midwifery
5. Treaty of Ghent
6. Tariff of 1816
7. Law of Baron and Femme
8. Washington Irving
9. gander pulling
10. Rush-Bagot Treaty
11. wildcat banks
12. Cumberland Road
13. Albert Gallatin
14. Adams-Onis Treaty
15. war hawks

0. standardized American spelling and word usage
1. asked that Native Americans and their land be respected
2. government legislation to protect American industry
3. House charges judge or president with a crime
4. major pathway through Western Maryland to West
5. New York writer / Rip Van Winkle / Legend of Sleepy Hollow
6. state financial institutions with reckless practices
7. Shawnee who organized resistance to displacement
8. New York writer who popularized American history through novels
9. crude practice representing tough life of mountain men
10. legal principle outlining limited female rights in marriage
11. Jefferson Sec. of Treasury who supported paying national debt
12. -also known as Florida Purchase -Spain gave up Oregon claims
13. War of 1812 peace agreement
14. 1816 Election plus reaction to Hartford Convention
15. individuals living on land which they didn%27t own / frequent in West