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tenses domino(Form 7-9)

Author: Maasen Marje
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0. Students will practise singing
1. Did anybody see her new car
2. I haven%27t read any good books
3. My grandparents were working in the garden
4. The children lay in the sun too long
5. I%27m reading a fairy tale
6. Who opened the front door
7. My boss is going to leave
8. Our teacher has been working here
9. Have you seen this film
10. My parents have been married
11. Meg said that she would visit me
12. The bus had already left
13. The child hurt her knee
14. Do you have lunch in the school canteen
15. Does your deskmate go jogging

0. at the moment.
1. every day?
2. the next week.
3. when we came to the bus station.
4. recently.
5. some days ago.
6. every weekend?
7. in three weeks%27
8. yet?
9. next Monday.
10. since her graduation from university.
11. by the time father came home.
12. last week?
13. last Saturday.
14. for 25 years.
15. last night?