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Tenses in use

Author: Cernuda MarĂ­a Elena
Description: Choose the correct option
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1. Sorry I can%27t stop now.
A) I go to an important meeting
B) I should go to an important meeting
C) I%27m going to an important meeting
D) I%27m in an important meeting

2. I suddenly realised
A) I walked in the wrong direction
B) I had been walking in the wrong direction
C) I walk in the wrong direction
D) I was walking in the wrong direction

3. There%27s a new road to the motorway.
A) They%27d opened it yesterday
B) They%27ve opened it yesterday
C) They opened it yesterday
D) They haven%27t opened it yet

4. I%27ve got my key. I found it when...
A) I looked for something else
B) I was looking for something else
C) I%27ve looked for something else
D) I looking for something else