Online teaching

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Tech Tools for Teachers

Author: Rippa Molly
Keywords: Education, Technology, , , , , online teaching

0. Newsela
1. Weebly
2. Quizizz
3. Chrome
4. YouTube
5. Adobe Spark
6. CommonLit
7. LCPS Go
8. Phoenix
9. Google Classroom
10. Quizlet
11. Skype
12. Outlook
13. Kahoot
14. The Cloud
15. Vision

0. online gradebook
1. where you save documents online to access anywhere
2. online quizmaker; assign for homework or live with class
3. create your own website for free
4. online quizmaker; only runs live quizzes all at the same time
5. free source of literary texts set for a specific reading level or theme
6. browser that saves your passwords %26 bookmarks
7. create online courses; linked with LCPS
8. post or watch videos online on various topics
9. one-stop site for links %26 resources provided by LCPS
10. vocabulary tool; has built-in games
11. website for creating videos, images %26 webpages
12. tool for meeting online with video or screen sharing
13. create online course with layout of Facebook
14. email program
15. find news articles written for a specific reading level