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Author: Bahrami Sabah
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0. potential directions
1. Annotation
2. subject matter
3. modelling
4. collage
5. Medium
6. mixed media
7. technique
8. oil paint
9. symbolism
10. theme
11. Refinement
12. gouache
13. linocut
14. stop motion animation
15. graphite

0. representation of a concept through symbols or meanings
1. ideas or themes portrayed in creation of artwork
2. composition made up of materials and pasted together
3. materials used to create your artwork
4. ideas that form basis for future artworks to be completed unit 4
5. paint made from pigment and drying oil
6. a black mineral used in lead pencils
7. an opaque water colour paint
8. relief print made from a design carved into block of linoleum
9. technique involves shaping soft materials to create sculpture
10. written or visual addition to demonstrate thought process
11. technique used to make objects or images appear to move on own
12. process of reviewing and polishing an idea, techn, or artwork
13. the idea or concept that you are exploring through art form
14. the way the artist applies or uses art materials
15. various media to create an artwork