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Conversational responses (advanced)

Author: Raes Muriel
Description: Fill in the missing words in the sentences. You can read the definitions in the menu on the right, or you can click on a box in the crossword puzzle to see the definition. If you are stuck, you can ask help, but be careful: you have a maximum of three letters for the whole puzzle, so use them wisely! Have fun!
Keywords: EFL, idiom, vocabulary, English, expressions, , online teaching

Crossword hints:
Parents who don%27t control their children have a lot to ... for. (= are the main cause of the problems), At first, my friends said they were going to help me get rid of that irritating person, but I was left holding the ... (= left to deal with a problem alone), He%27s a ... case. (= he%27s mad), I%27m not sure, but his name rings a ... (= you have a vague memory, but can%27t remember exactly), Jimmy drove his dad%27s car into a fence, but his younger sister carried the ... (accept the blame alone, although other people are responsible), They won the election, but the results were rather too close for ... (= so close that you are worried or frightened), I%27ve decided to put it ... to experience (= something bad has happened, but you decide to learn from it instead of being upset by it), - What do you think of the Republican candidate? - He%27s the lesser of two ... , I suppose. (= the less unpleasant of two options), He ruffled her ... with his constant remarks about her figure. (= made her annoyed), They were trapped inside the burning building and didn%27t have the ... of a chance of escaping. (= not the slightest chance), You should get to ... with your past if you want to live a happy life. (= understand and deal with something), I don%27t know all the ... of the situation, but it seems that the famous chef wrecked his expensive car before he ended up in hospital. (= the details), When famous people get into trouble, they are often the ... stock. (= they are mocked by everyone)., - How was your English test? - As easy as falling off a ... (= extremely easy), He%27s on cloud ... (= extremely happy), - Profits are falling. Do you think we should sack half the staff?- That%27s just not ...! (= not an appropriate way of behaving), I got hold of the wrong end of the ... (= I came to the wrong conclusion)., I wasn%27t very confident about speaking in public, but thanks to our lessons my presentation skills are going from ... to strength. (= get better and better), I work full time and study English and IT in evening classes. I%27ve spread myself too ... (= try to do too much at the same time, so you can%27t devote enough attention to anything), She%27s off her ... (= she%27s mad),

Crossword words: