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Author: Refaat Tariq
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1. Ali --------------------- football in the club every day.
A) play
B) plays
C) is playing
D) will play

2. Salem ------------ to join the sports club next December.
A) is going
B) will
C) went
D) go

3. After they --------------- the party, they went to sleep.
A) finished
B) has finished
C) had finished
D) were finishing

4. The poor people ---------------- help.
A) needed
B) need
C) have needed
D) has needed

5. When they ------------ to the club, they had had a council meeting.
A) go
B) will go
C) is going
D) went

6. Ahmad and his brother ------------------ an accident when they went to New York
A) had
B) had had
C) have
D) having

7. While they ------------------ the TV, the telephone rang
A) watched
B) watch
C) were watching
D) was watching

8. He had had an embarrasing situation, when he ----------------- the glass on the floor
A) dropped
B) dropping
C) had dropped
D) was dropping

9. Rashed ------------ a scary movie, before he went to sleep
A) see
B) has seen
C) will see
D) had seen