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Science Quiz

Author: Vazquez Sarah
Description: Match the picture to its description.
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0. What would happen to your bike if it fell in a swimming pool?
1. List 3 characteristics of weather.
2. Which is bigger, the sun or the moon?
3. Winter in Utah
4. What happens to ice when it gets heated?
5. What does rain turn into when it gets really cold outside?
6. What is a characteristic of Fall in Utah?
7. What happens to water if you heat it over a fire?
8. What happens to water if it gets mixed with dirt?
9. Which weighs more, a paper clip or a book?
10. What is a characteristic of Spring in Utah?
11. What happens if you drop a book?
12. What are your 5 senses?
13. List 3 sources of water.
14. This is required to sustain life.
15. What is a characteristic of summer in Utah?

0. A book.
1. It would sink to the bottom
2. Flowers start to bloom.
3. It is hot.
4. Snow and Cold
5. It melts.
6. It falls to the floor.
7. The sun.
8. Stream, lake, ocean.
9. Sunny, foggy, rainy
10. water
11. It will boil.
12. Seeing, hearing, tasting, touch, smelling.
13. Leaves fall off the trees.
14. Snow
15. It gets cloudy and dirty.