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Word Problems

Author: Boyt Elizabeth
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1. Carl has a $10, he wants to go to the movies and get a bag of popcorn. The movie cost $5 and the popcorn cost $3.50. How much many does Carl have leftover?
A) $5
B) $.50
C) $1.50
D) $8.25

2. Candice and her friends want to buy a new game. The game cost $55. Candice has $20, her one friend has $15, and her other friend has $10. Can they buy the game?
A) Yes
B) No they are short $10
C) No they are short $15
D) No they are short $20

3. Tatiana owes her sister $30. She has $15 now. How much more does Tatiana need to pay her sister back?
A) $15
B) $10
C) $5
D) $25