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Week 28 with review from week 27

Author: Davis Cathy
Description: Link the dominoes so that the defintion is touching the word it describes.
Keywords: Storytown, , , , , , online teaching

0. common
1. accolade
2. native
3. literature
4. collection
5. aspire
6. settled
7. rare
8. durable
9. identify
10. accent
11. halfheartedly
12. last
13. noticed
14. absolutely
15. separated

0. you figure out what something is
1. something that will be able to be used for a long time
2. people can tell where you are from by the way you speak
3. something lasts a long time
4. something that is not found or seen very often
5. you try very hard to do something
6. stories and poems
7. you observed something carefully
8. you sorted things into groups
9. you do something without much interest
10. a special award or praise for something
11. the certain place where you were born
12. something moved slowly until it came to a rest
13. a group of things that are kept together
14. there is a lot of something or it happens often
15. you definitely have to do something