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Health STI Quiz Review

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0. STI stands for?
1. Birth Control Pills are an effective barrier to STI infection?
2. What is the most common STI among Canadian youth?
3. HIV
4. Many STI%27s present _____-like symptoms.
5. At least ___%25 of individuals will be infected with HPV in their life.
6. What are the two most effective Birth Controls to prevent STI%27s?
7. Blood Bourne STI%27s are also spread through? (2 other ways)
8. What are the two main ways in which STD/STI%27s are transmitted?
9. HPV can cause?
10. Why does Canada have a relatively low level of AIDS?
11. AIDS
12. What are the two main Blood Bourne STI%27s?
13. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is the ___ most common STI.
14. In the 1980%27s, GRIDS was the name for AIDS because?
15. The two forms of pathogens in which STI%27s are trasmitted?

0. Virus and Bacteria
1. Sexually Transmitted Infection
2. HPV or Human Papillomavius
3. AIDS was thought to be directly related to the Gay comm.
4. HIV/AIDS Hepititus B/C
5. Flu-like, which makes STD%27s initially hard to notice.
6. Needles (IV Drug use and Tatoos) or Blood Transfusions
7. Sexual Contact and Blood Bourne Pathogens
8. False, only barrier methods (spec. condoms) are effective.
9. At least 50%25 of sexually active individuals will be infected.
10. Male and Female Condoms
11. Cervical Cancer and Genital Warts
12. Acquired Immunodificiency Syndrome
13. Nationalized Healhcare and Provention Ed.
14. Human Immunodificiency Virus
15. HSV is the snd most common HSV in Canada.