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Past Simple in bevestigende zinnen

Author: de Kock Adrienne
Description: Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in de verleden tijd in.
Keywords: stepping stones, 2thv, , , , , online teaching

1. The children (need) new shoes last week.
A) needed
B) need
C) needded
D) nerd

2. My husband (buy) a watch for my birthday.
A) buyed
B) buying
C) bought
D) have bought

3. She (feel) sorry for him.
A) felt
B) fell
C) fall
D) felled

4. He (clean) the bathroom last Saturday
A) cleaning
B) cleaned
C) cleans
D) clent

5. The car (stop) suddenly.
A) stopt
B) stops
C) stoped
D) stopped

6. The boy (be) late for school this morning.
A) is
B) was
C) were
D) been

7. He (do) the dishes, because his mother was ill.
A) doing
B) do
C) does
D) did

8. They (leave) from Schiphol airport last week.
A) leaved
B) leaves
C) has left
D) left

9. I (talk) to her yesterday.
A) talked
B) talks
C) have talked
D) talking