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Properties of states of matter

Author: Marfil Marta
Description: 1. Each player/group have three picture cards of states of matter 2. Spread them face up on the table. 3. Pick a card and match it with the correct state of matter 5. The game continues until all the cards are match with one state of matter
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0. liquid
1. solid
2. solid
3. solid
4. liquid
5. gas
6. liquid
7. gas
8. gas
9. liquid
10. gas
11. gas
12. liquid
13. gas
14. solid
15. solid

0. the particles are close together
1. you cannot walk through it
2. variable volumne and shape
3. it feels hard
4. you can pour it, but is does not have a fixed volume
5. fixed volume, but chages shape
6. it stays in one
7. the particles are spread far apart
8. it flows
9. the particles have some movement energy
10. fills any container you put it in
11. we can%27tfeel it
12. invisible
13. it is wet
14. it spreads to fill the bottom of a container
15. fixed volume and shape