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Which standard?

Author: Plyler Lynn
Description: Place the activity under the correct standard: interpersonal, interpretive, presentational, or culture.
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1. interpersonal
2. interpretive
3. presentational
4. culture

0. ask another person for directions to the store
1. pick out brand names from another country
2. understand how famous people impact the country
3. recognize loan words and cognates
4. talk with your tour guide to get recommendations
5. design a flyer about things to do in Madrid
6. watch a travel video and list places of interest
7. have a simple conversation about school
8. make a poster of your family tree
9. describe the holiday traditions of another country
10. ask and answer questions in a survey
11. prepare and present a conversation about school
12. answer questions about a short story
13. act out a fairy tale
14. participate in a debate
15. use courtesy words correctly
16. text with friends about third block
17. infer meaning from a text
18. list traditional foods at Mardi Gras
19. follow a sequence of directions you hear
20. listen and react to a song
21. label a map after reading about geographical features
22. trace Hannibal%27s route after watching a video
23. choose your favorite pizza from a menu
24. give a speech to your peers
25. give the main idea of a newpaper article
26. understand how history influences a nation
27. give a talk about sports in another country to the class
28. compare the school day in two different countries
29. talk to your parents about your week-end plans
30. put the events of Cupid and Psyche in order
31. buy all of the groceries on your list