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CT:I Spreadsheets

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0. Entry
1. Chart
2. Spreadsheet
3. Active cell
4. Workbook
5. Range
6. Merge
7. Worksheet
8. Value
9. Formulas
10. Clipboard
11. Alignment
12. Row
13. Column
14. Cell
15. Gridlines

0. temporary storage area that contains data to be cut or copied
1. Graphical representation of worksheet data
2. nonprinting lines that display to show cells borders.
3. the intersection of a single row and a single column
4. across horizontally and identified by numbers
5. organized table of financial or numerical information
6. Combine multiple cells into a single cell.
7. run down the screen vertically and identified by a letter.
8. Selected group of cells
9. Single piece of numeric data used in calculations
10. how text is positioned - left, center, right and justified
11. a selected cell in a worksheet
12. Equations used to calculate values in a cell.
13. collection of related worksheets
14. a grid of rows and columns
15. data entered into a cell